Under the Pension Act 2008 every employer, no matter how big or small, must put eligible staff into a pension scheme and contribute towards their pension pot. This is called automatic enrolment.

As your accountant and payroll bureau, we will assist and help you every step of the way in order for you to be legally compliant with the pension regulations.

The pension package we offer includes:

  • Set up of your pension scheme

  • All communications with the Pension Regulator

  • Assessment of all your current/future employees on a continual basis

  • Writing to your employees to inform them of their status and options

  • Online contribution uploads to the pension provider

Although as a company we cannot legally give you financial advice on what pension scheme to use for your employees, we currently deal with NEST (a straight-forward scheme set up by the government especially for auto-enrolment) and Smart Pension, however we can also work with any auto-enrolment scheme of your choice.